BVL Joins GoodSearch Network

The BVL is proud to announce that it is now part of the GoodSearch network. GoodSearch is an intuitive platform that helps raise money for nonprofit endeavors through several programs. Need to do an internet search? Use GoodSearch’s Yahoo-powered search engine and they will donate a penny to BVL for every search you do. Dining out? There are over 10,000 restaurants in the GoodSearch network. Online shopping? Go to one of the 3,000 online retailers that are part of the GoodSearch network and donations will go right to BVL. It’s a simple and easy process and can benefit our cause.

Since 2005, the companies aligned with the GoodSearch network have donated more than $10 million to nonprofits and charities all around the United States. These companies, such as Target and Amazon, use and support GoodSearch based on their industry-best practices and track record. Many top name charities and nonprofits like the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity have found GoodSearch to be an effective way to generate more money from their donor base.

Of course, the only way for BVL to benefit from this system is for you to get involved. Sign up now at and add the BVL to your list of nonprofits.


Do you know a special BVL supporter?  Click here to Nominate them for Volunteer of the Month!


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    Nation’s Capital Area USBC         $27,465.00

    Georgia State  USBC                         $22.125.90

    Iowa State USBC                                 $10,000.00

    Louisiana State USBC                         $9,723.30

    Royal Pin Centers, IN                          $6,000.00

    Nat’l Assn. Ind. Resurfacers             $5,000.00



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