You Can Do This Every Day and Never Get Tired!

The BVL ‘Shoes For Freedom’ Campaign Needs Your Help Every Day!”

Every day, please set aside your first pair of rental shoe income for BVL.

Just one pair a day …income you won’t even miss and you’ll be doing a very good deed… every day.

At the end of a couple of months, you’ll have about $200 to $300 set aside. And that will make you feel good and make our wounded heroes at VA hospitals, who count on BVL dollars for recreational and occupational therapy, so very grateful.

When you send your contribution to “BVL Shoes for Freedom” you will be joining the nation’s “BVL Honor Roll” of generous and supportive bowling proprietors whose names and centers will be recognized through BVL feature pages in the industry publications so you, too, can get the credit you deserve from fellow proprietors as well as customers.

Not only does BVL thank you, but that wounded Vet in the VA Hospital who is trying to make it back to a normal life with his wife and kids will be forever thankful.

Please join our important mission. You can easily send your contributions by going to and clicking on the donate button. If you have any questions, please contact me at or call me at 703 934 6039

Mary Harrar
Executive Director, BVL

Thank You for joining in BVL’s newest campaign “Shoes for Freedom.”

It’s a simple way for you to show your support for BVL – by donating the first shoe rental of the day – and for the courageous American vets, hospitals and state homes that BVL has been serving for 75 years.

This program will be running for 12 months and we hope you will participate for that period of time as well, but if not, here are some choices for your participation and whatever level of participation you choose, we appreciate your support.

  • Please complete the following and when you are done, just hit the submit button. Thank you so much for your support of BVL

This is what Mark and Diane Voight have to say about the Shoes of Freedom campaign