“Re-Creation” Hits the Road for BVL

Veterans in care at VA Medical Centers and State Homes throughout the Sunshine State will be starting 2018 off right — enjoying a series of uplifting, inspiring and spirit-filled performances by the touring entertainment troupe “Re-Creation.” Their current variety show, entitled “Happy” — featuring music from many different eras — will be brightening the days of veterans at 14 different facilities from Panama City to Miami – leaving a trail of joy and happiness in their wake.

But Floridians won’t be the only ones to get their own dose of the “Re-Creation” magic medicine, as the tour will continue throughout the Southeast and into the Midwest over the next several months. Check Out Their Tour Schedule

“The wonderful “Re-Creation” performers are literally BVL’s arms and legs in the field,” explains BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar. “They touch the hearts of our veterans and let them know we haven’t forgotten their sacrifices.”

For more than 40 years, “Re-Creation” has been touring the United States providing delights for so many veterans confined to a hospital or living in a State Home.

Here are just a few stories from their earlier tour:

“This is my second time seeing your show and it is just so wholesome. It’s full of patriotism, full of LOVE.
The upbeat positivity and the patriotism pull on the heartstrings and are so important for the veterans.
They’re not sitting in a 4×4 room looking at a white wall for the afternoon. You bring so much happiness, love, and joy to these places, you break their (the veterans) routine.”
Volunteer at the Bedford, MA, VAMC

“Thank you for coming. I’ve had a rough week. The things that put me in here were starting to come back and I was pretty down. But look (pointing to his beaming face) I smiled the whole show! Really appreciate you guys! Thank you.”
Veteran, age 30, Leavenworth, KS VAMC

“Today was my 16th year observing the Re-Creation tour. Our veterans, as every year, have been moved to tears, clapping, and stomping their feet while they enjoyed the performance. It was really an exceptional tour! The music, as music does, stirs something within the soul. It brings such an enthusiasm to our campus, our veterans are moved in ways that we don’t often see them moved because of the patriotic songs; the performances really speak to their soul. It’s heartwarming to watch our veterans respond in a way that maybe we can’t have them respond through our normal recreation programming, or through our various activities we have throughout the year.”
Administrator, Warrensburg, MO SVH

Harrar continues, “Unfortunately, “Re-Creation” lost some of their other funding sources last year and while we’ve increased our subsidy to the program, we also need to maintain our commitments to the local VAs for their recreational therapy programs. We’re asking for all our supporters to consider making a special additional donation to BVL in 2018, and earmark it for ‘Re-Creation’ – we want to be sure to keep this good thing going!” Donate Today!