Bowl For Freedom Campaign – Bowling Center Sign Up

This proven-successful program is catching on at bowling centers throughout the nation.  Since its initial roll out, more and more centers are signing up to be part of the effort to support America’s troops through bowling’s oldest and sample postermost successful charity.

Although the concept and graphics present a unifying umbrella, with the “Bowl for Freedom” campaign, each participating center sets its own offer and determines what portion of the proceeds will be donated to BVL.

“Bowl for Freedom” is:

  • Flexible/easily adaptable. Space is integrated into the materials, so that a specific center name, location, dates, and pricing can be modified to specific company parameters.
  • Easy-to-implement. Each participating center develops their particular program parameters and specific program offerings.
  • Presents sport-wide united effort with umbrella coverage — building on combined visibility.
  • Proven successful
    • “I feel that the Bowl for Freedom promotion gave us the opportunity to market our product to a new audience,” noted Brunswick Margate Lanes General Manager (Margate, Fla.) Ryan Benner. “This provided us an avenue to reach out to military and veterans groups in our community to encourage their participation in the effort — and introduce them to our sport and our center.”  “Our guests seemed to truly embrace the BFF program,” said Blaine, Minn., Brunswick Zone XL League Coordinator Kristi Clark. “Many of our league and open bowlers know someone who has served our country in the military and they really made a connection with the campaign. In fact, we have one guest that conducted his own fund-raising campaign for BVL, soliciting support from friends, neighbors and area businesses.”
  • Eye-catching, professional-produced graphics developed and provided with advertising, public relations and social media components

Adapted for:

  • Posters
  • Table Tents
  • 8.5″ x 11″ flyers
  • ½ sheet flyers
  • Ads – black and white + color
  • Word Document templates
  • Web banners
  • Participating centers can also utilize an associated public relations campaign which includes:
    • Slotted press release – See below for more information.
    • Drafted email blasts
    • Social Media – this will be promoted on BVL and bowling center Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • Outreach to area businesses and to Veterans Service Organization (See Direct Mail Component below).

URL:   A critical element of the program is a URL built into the BVL website which will provide a complete listing and contact information for all participating centers, locations, dates and times.  Details on programs offered by every center will be posted in geographic order.  Each will be hyperlinked back to the host center. It will be promoted on all the materials and throughout the BVL network, on social media and through PR efforts.

BFF Campaign

Step 1:  Determine your time frame.  There are a wide variety of adaptations amongst the participating centers.  Some centers are coordinating a BFF event once a month throughout the summer months, others are using the July 4th holiday as a launching point, and still others are running month long events in November with a salute to Veterans Day.

Step 2:  Determine your offer.  Again, there is a great variability amongst participating centers.  One chain is advertising 99¢ games, with all bowling proceeds going to BVL, while another state BPA is running a combination game, shoes, and food package with a percentage of the gross going to BVL.

Step 3:  Calculate how many of what materials you will need to order (see sample art above).  Download flyer using this link:  bff poster hi res

You can order posters, table tents, and flyers with the same professional creative design.

Personalize your materials to feature your specific offerings:

sample table tent

table tent front….and….. table tent back

Sample Table Tent







Sample poster  Sample Poster










Advertising Component

Add in your specific program details to this single column ad for your local newspaper

one column ad  color format

one column ad1  greyscale

Public Relations Component:

Utilize provided slotted press release to promote your event and campaign through your local media.

Sample Press Release:  slotted release

You may also request a press release prepared on BVL letterhead for distribution (see form below).

Sample Press Releases – Draft

Sample PA Announcement:

Attention all bowlers!  All of us know someone who has served in the military — an uncle, cousin, sister, friend — maybe even you!  We understand the great sacrifices America’s service men and women have made for our freedoms.  We are proud to say that (center name) is supporting the Bowlers to Veterans Link charity. BVL provides recreation and sports programs that brighten the days of our troops on the front lines and those recovering in VA hospitals.  (ABC Lanes) will be conducting a special promotion to support our active duty troops and veterans – it’s called “Bowl for Freedom” and it will be _________________________________________________________________ You’ll get an opportunity to enjoy a game of bowling for only _______________ and (other offers).   Please join with us and show our service men and women that we remember their sacrifice and that we care about their service to our country.

Direct Mail Component:

The “Bowl for Freedom” campaign can provide a great opportunity to reach out to area companies or veterans service organizations!

Concept:  Utilize “Bowl for Freedom” as a vehicle to reach out to area service organizations and businesses.  Provide target audience with an opportunity for team building, camaraderie and fun while raising money for a good cause.

Timing:  The program can be conducted at any time, wrapped in your “Bowl For Freedom” event.

See:  Direct Mail Sample

Include Bowl for Freedom flyers with details of your campaign offer.

Support:  In addition to the Bowl for Freedom materials, BVL has additional supplies to support the event:

  • Red, white and blue “Support the Troops” silicone wristbands (cost: $25 for 50 wristbands)
  • Patriotic Viz-A-Ball with American flag and eagle for raffle (cost: $99)
  • BVL polo shirts (cost: $15.00) and T-Shirts (cost:  $5.00)

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