Sample BVL Campaign and Promotion

A successful BVL fund-raising drive requires leadership, cooperation, and volunteer hours!  When you form your BVL committee, consider inviting members from all aspects of the bowling community — bowling centers, leagues and youth representatives – as well as area business or veterans leaders.  No experience necessary, but an appreciation for the sacrifices of America’s men and women in uniform is a plus! 

1.  Plan.

Establish the breadth and scope of your program.  Do you want to focus it around Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Valentine’s Day or another appropriate holiday?  Do you want to utilize “Lanes for the Troops” or “Operation Honor Force” or “Heroes in Our Midst” as the centerpiece of your fundraising?  After the groundwork is laid, the committee should determine if the group should develop a special event for the campaign — a dinner, tournament, or community event—or simply set a time frame for soliciting on-the-lanes donations using
center captains. 

2.  Educate.

•             Copy the BVL fact sheet and distribute it to your audience of potential contributors. 

•             Circulate BVL flyers in advance of your event (sample provided).

•             Make regular in-center announcements in advance of your drive or special event (sample provided). 

•             Introduce BVL at league meetings, banquets, tournaments or before the start of leagues
(sample presentation provided).

•             Affix BVL stickers to coffee cans, etc. to use as collection cans.

•             Display the BVL poster. 

3.  Communicate.

Take your awareness campaign out of the center.  Reach out to area citizens that may want to participate in the event (see sample letter); area businesses for their support (see sample letter); and government officials to attend and/or proclaim “BVL Day” (see sample letter).  Contact your local newspapers, radio and television stations. Complete and distribute a news release about your program.  (See the sample press release.)  Repeat your education program at all the centers and facilities at which you plan to fund raise. 

4.  Promote.

Committee members should visit each facility involved in your event and personally promote the campaign.  Ask every member of your committee to set a goal and make every effort to see that all contributors understand the mission of BVL and the importance of the BVL effort.

Wrap it up.

Be sure that all contributors are thanked and recognized (sample provided).  Create a poster listing major contributors to the effort.  At the conclusion of the campaign, send contributions to BVL in the addressed envelope provided.  Your donations will also be recognized at the BVL website.


SAMPLE EVENT FLYER —————————————————————————————————————

Bowl for Veterans


Join In the Fun!United States Flag

You are invited to enjoy a great time and support a great cause.

The Bowlers to Veterans Link is a national nonprofit charity
founded in 1942 which combines America’s favorite indoor sport — bowling — and
the opportunity to support the men and women who have served our country.

For almost 70 years, BVL has helped boost the spirits and speed
recuperation through recreational programs and services for our nation’s active
duty and veteran service men and women.
BVL brings sports and the arts, music and entertainment to brighten the
days of active duty troops and veterans.
Our funding picks up where government dollars leave off — and go a long
way to improve morale.

We’re asking you to have some fun with your friends and colleagues
and bring smiles to the faces of those who have sacrificed for our
freedoms.  Join us!





DATE: ___________________________    TIME: ____________________________


COST: ___________________________


CONTACT:__________________________________  FOR MORE INFORMATION



SAMPLE CENTER ANNOUNCEMENT —————————————————————————————–

Attention all bowlers!  All of us know someone who has served in the military — an uncle, cousin, sister, friend — maybe even you!  We understand the great sacrifices America’s service men and women have made for our freedoms.  We want to help you honor them for their service.  We are proud to say that (association/center name/organization/company) is supporting the Bowlers to Veterans Link charity and we will be conducting a (special event, collection drive, tournament, raffle, bake sale) (today, next week) to support our active duty troops and veterans.  BVL provides recreation and sports programs that brighten the days of our troops on the front lines and those recovering in VA hospitals. Please join with us and (donate/participate) to show our service men and women that we remember their sacrifice and that we care about their service to our country. 


SAMPLE PRESENTATION ——————————————————————————————————

The Bowlers to Veterans Link…Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

The mission of the Bowlers to Veterans Link is to support America’s service men and women during their time of need, by providing programs and services which help to repair strong minds and healthy bodies.  BVL’s goal is to show we honor our armed forces and value their commitment to our country.

BVL was formed in 1942, by a group of league bowlers who wanted to support the war effort.  They began by raising funds to purchase a medical evacuation plane to ferry the wounded home from the battlefields of Europe.  Today, the bowlers of America still stand behind their BVL promise by providing recreational and therapeutic supplies and equipment to boost the quality of life for veterans.  BVL’s contributions pick up where government funding leaves off.

Today, the need for BVL programming is greater than ever. Early indications are that the flood of troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan is already at 130,000, with many more still coming in from Iraq and Afghanistan.  There’s a concern that many of these men and women may struggle with psychological issues regarding the war, while others attempt to deal with physical trauma.  And though the government provides the hospital beds and the doctors, BVL provides the quality of life programs that help reintroduce our returning service men and women to their communities. 

While you and I can appreciate the camaraderie that an evening of bowling brings us, a community outing with some real fun built in can mean the world to someone feeling isolated from their neighbors, or to someone struggling to cope with the loss of a limb.

BVL supports veterans connected to or receiving care from all 154 VA Hospitals, 206 Outreach and Counseling Centers and the growing network of more than 100 State Veterans Homes.

Across the U.S., BVL makes a difference in the lives of thousands of active duty military and
veterans through:

  • Hospital Grants.  Each year, BVL donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to VA hospitals and Outpatient clinics for the purchase of recreational supplies and equipment. BVL monies provide arts and crafts programs, musical instruments and reading materials. BVL gifts touch the lives of our veterans and let them know we care.
  • “Re-Creation.”  BVL dollars support the performances of this nationally-acclaimed touring entertainment group, which performs all across the nation at VA Medical Centers and State Homes. Delivered by a troupe of 10 dynamic young people, these singers and dancers treat audiences to a Broadway-style show which receives rave reviews from veterans of all ages. 
  • Bowling Clinics.  For years, therapists working with patients have recognized the value of bowling as a tool to get patients involved with an activity that’s adaptable for almost any ability.  Through the use of special ramps and bowling balls, combined with unique teaching techniques, veterans are given a chance to participate in a sport that builds not only mental and physical skills, but also boosts camaraderie.  
  • Annual BVL/VA Bowling Tournament.  The lure of friendly competition and a test of talent draw hundreds of participants each year to this tournament sponsored for all veterans connected to the VA Healthcare System.  The event, held over a four week period each spring, offers a number of segmented divisions including ones for patients with special physical challenges, as well as age, to help level the playing field.
  • Support for National Veterans Competitions.  For decades, BVL has been a committed sponsor of the six national veteran’s competitions; the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the TEE Tournament, the Veterans Golden Age Games, the Creative Arts Festival and the Summer and Winter Sports Festivals.  Each one of these events brings together veterans from around the country and provides them with an opportunity of a lifetime.
  • And today, BVL is shipping over ‘bowling lanes in a kit’ to our active duty troops around the world — this is a portable carpet lane with rubberized bowling ball and pins that the men and women can set up in just a few minutes and enjoy hours of fun.  This is a huge hit with the troops and requests for more kits are coming in daily — directly from our troops.

As you’ve just heard, the programs provided by the Bowlers to Veterans Link are as varied as the veterans we serve.   For our World War II veterans, BVL dollars help purchase activity kits, which help pass the time and keep mentally sharp, while our younger veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan today are need of supplies and equipment which challenge their bodies and minds to stay strong and healthy.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the veterans themselves know that whatever their needs, BVL can make a difference.  Please join with the BVL program to help support America’s service men and women.  When your BVL volunteer arrives, please remember the promise bowling made to our nation’s veterans — we will not forget you.

Thank you for your time.


SAMPLE LETTER TO PARTICIPANTS———————————————————————————————


Dear ________________;

We cordially invite you to join (HOST ORGANIZATION) for an afternoon of fun at the Bowl for America’s Veterans, being held at (CENTER) on (DATE), at (TIME).

This tournament will help support our national charity, the Bowlers to Veterans Link, which provides recreational and therapeutic programs and equipment for our nation’s active duty and veteran service men and women. Founded in 1942, the BVL provides the extras – like sports equipment, entertainment and the arts – to help brighten the days and boost the morale of those who have served our country.

To do our part here in (TOWN/CITY), we have planned this celebration tied into an afternoon of bowling with community leaders from throughout the metropolitan area, including members of the local government, media and sports celebrities.  Already, xxx and xxx have committed to be part of the celebration.

We hope that you will help support our great cause and be part of our fund-raising event! 

Please contact me at the number below to RSVP.




SAMPLE LETTER TO SPONSORS—————————————————————————————————


Dear _______________;

On (DATE), the (ORGANIZING GROUP) will be hosting a special event to raise money for America’s veterans, being held at (CENTER). This will be a fun afternoon of bowling for residents from throughout the metropolitan area, to raise money for the Bowlers to Veterans Link.  We anticipate xxx participants including members of the (local government, media and sports celebrities).  Already, xxx and xxx have committed to be part of the celebration.

This tournament will help support our national charity, the Bowlers to Veterans Link, which provides recreational and therapeutic programs and equipment for our nation’s active duty and veteran service men and women. Founded in 1942, the BVL provides the extras – like sports equipment, entertainment and the arts – to help brighten the days and boost the morale of those who have served our country.

We hope that XXX COMPANY will help support our great cause and enjoy the exposure to so many members of our community.  We are seeking a corporate sponsorship donation of $XXX. In addition to your product placement, sponsors will be (listed in our tournament flier/receive recognition through signage above the lanes/at the control counter, etc.)

I have enclosed some information about the BVL for your background.

Please contact me at the number below if you have any questions.  I will be following up by phone next week.






For almost 70 years,one very unique charity has been at work in (STATE) and across the United States to insure that the days are brighter for those who have served our country.  The Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) is supported by the sport of bowling and is committed to keeping the promise made to America’s service men and women when it was founded in 1942:  “We won’t forget your sacrifices.”

The BVL volunteers here in (STATE) conduct programs which generate funds to purchase recreational and therapeutic supplies and equipment not funded by the government.  These “extras” like sports equipment or musical instruments or trips to cultural events help speed the recuperation of our veterans in VA hospitals, Vet Centers and State Homes.  BVL programs bring smiles to the faces of our veterans and help boost their morale.

This year, the (STATE) BVL representatives are holding a very special event.  “(NAME OF EVENT)” – set for (DATE, TIME, and LOCATION) – will bring together area citizens and business members to have fun bowling and raise money for our cause. 

To help recognize our event and this most important mission, we ask that you assist us by pronouncing (DATE) “Bowlers to Veterans Link” Day in (STATE, CITY).  We have more than (NUMBER) league bowlers bowling at (NUMBER) bowling centers in (STATE, CITY) who will all share in the pride of having a BVL day.

We are enclosing some additional information about the BVL for your review and we hope that you will consider this important request.




SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE————————————————————————————————————–  

Local Bowlers Roll for Veterans 

(YOUR TOWN) (DATE) — Keeping a promise made in 1942, the (your town) area bowling community is gearing up for a special campaign to honor local active duty and veteran service men and women as part of a nationwide effort through the Bowlers to Veterans Link, a nonprofit organization which provides programs and services for veterans recuperating in our nation’s VA facilities and boosts the morale of active duty military and veterans.

Area BVL volunteers will be coordinating (list activity, e.g. tournament, bake sale, raffle) at (center).

All (your town) residents are invited to participate in the drive and (donate/participate in the event).

Founded in 1942, the Bowlers to Veterans Link –or BVL — has raised almost $30 million  to provide recreational and therapeutic equipment and services not funded by the government. BVL supports millions of veterans on active duty and at the VA Medical Centers, Veterans Centers, and State Veterans Homes around the country.

The local BVL effort is being spearheaded by (BVL Chair Name). For further details about the drive, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

The national BVL office is located in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

For more information visit


SAMPLE THANK YOU —————————————————————————————————————–

Thank you for your donation!

Your generous contribution to the Bowlers to Veterans Link will help us maintain our mission to serve those who have served our country.

  •   The Bowlers to Veterans Link is a nonprofit
    organization and is registered under Section 501(c) (3).
  •    We recognize your contribution of  $___________.


The Bowlers to Veterans Link

11350 Random Hills Road  Suite  800

Fairfax, VA 22030


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