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There are myriad ways to become involved in the BVL effort, whether you are a bowler, a bowling center, a community business member or simply a patriot, we have a variety of programs that may provide the spark you need to launch your campaign.

Our free fund raising kit has an array of materials (including many of the items featured below) to get you started on your area BVL campaign.

I’d like to order a free fund raising kit!

We also offer a variety of materials for raffles, prizes and local campaign support.

Download 15-16 order form

Download a high-resolution copy of our new series of Public Service Announcements.  They are available in both color and black and white and in a variety of sizes.

New_BVL_logo_2_2011_CMYK       New_BVL_logo_2_2011_CMYK

BVL_B&W_1-4_OurTroops_hires      BVL_B&W_1-4_OnePromise_hires         BVL_B&W_1-4_Award_hires

BVL_B&W_1col_OurTroops_hires     BVL_B&W_1col_OnePromise_hires       BVL_color_1-4_Award_hires

BVL_color_1-4_OurTroops_hires       BVL_color_1-4_OnePromise_hires
















Logo Stickers

3’’ x 6” BVL Logo Stickers OR sheets of 80


SupportBanner_2013 copy (2)


3 ‘ x 5’ vinyl banner with grommets for hanging indoors or out

BVL_BrighteningPost#5AFE83B (2)



17″ x 22″ poster featuring the wide range of BVL programs for veterans







BVL_CFCposter2013_loresRGB (2)  17″ x 22″ poster on the Combined Federal Campaign program










Pin Art



reproducible “Pin Art” to recognize contributors






“Re-Creation” CD featuring all of their most popular patriotic tunes








FLYERflyer p1

6” x 9” flyer providing a brief overview of BVL and programs for veterans





4’’ x 6’’ fold-out 6 panel brochures detailing the range of BVL programming for veterans. Filled with photos and testimonials from VA staff.








23’’ x 36’’ poster with space available to include local event information



5’’ x 8”  “Bowling Supports America’s Troops” static cling labels.  Perfect for your car window, front door, etc.


Americana Viz a Ball




BVL Americana Viz-A-Ball, available in a number of weights.




green camo wristband 2SILICONE WRIST BANDS


“Support The Troops” Silicone Wrist Bands (available in bags of 50)





BVL Videos and Audios Available

National Anthem by Re-Creation

As a special recognition of the second 25 years of the BVL and Re-Creation relationship, “Re-Creation” has produced a special DVD recording of the national anthem specifically highlighting their work on behalf of BVL. This 2:05 minute version of the national anthem is now available to all BVL program coordinators, offering a very special opportunity to kick off BVL events and tournaments. The recording is available free of charge (download below), or obtained by contacting the BVL office.

Download versions available:

Quicktime .mov format – Large (44.5 MB) Small (14.6 MB)
Windows Media .wmv format – Large (46.8 MB) Small (14.8 MB)
DVD Quality .mpg format (94.1 MB)

Now available: MP3 audio files by Re-Creation

“BVL: Making A Difference”This public service announcement runs less than one minute, but makes a lasting impression on your audience. It vividly illustrates the critical programs which BVL supports for veterans throughout the nation. Download this now* to show at league meetings, company meetings, at the bowl, or wherever BVL supporters gather. This is a must have for all BVL supporters.BVL PSA(6.2MB)(* if you cannot download, please call the BVL office at 703-934-6039 for a DVD copy of the PSA)

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