Essex County (NJ) Bowling Council

For the Essex County Bowling Council, the BVL campaign is personal.  Very personal.  That’s because they take a personal approach to their fund raising – going one-on-one on the lanes to solicit funding for the cause.

Explains ECBC’s John Colgate, “We have lane representatives that poll each and every league as well as during open bowling.  They go to each potential contributor and stress the needs of our veterans in the local VA Hospital and those throughout the nation.”

The council members leave no stone unturned.  They make it a point to personally reach out to every bowler in the center during the canvas period.

They also make sure the bowlers are aware of the upcoming fund raising event, and the BVL is featured prominently on the home page of their USBC website, with a direct link to the BVL site.  “We make sure our bowlers and our community knows the great things that BVL does,” noted Colgate.

The Essex County Bowling Council doesn’t let low membership and only two bowling centers in the area hold them back.  They believe in and are committed to the veterans cause.

“The actions of the Essex County Bowling Council clearly show that it doesn’t matter what the size of your association, it matters the size of your heart,” says BVL Board Chairman John LaSpina.  “We thank the big hearted folks in Essex for all they do to support America’s veterans.”