2017 – 2018 Contributors

From individuals to bowling centers, from Fortune 500 corporations to youth bowling leagues, BVL contributors come from all walks of life and all points on the globe. But wherever they come from, they know their donation is going to make a positive impact on those who have served our county. Whether it is $5.00 or $5,000, your welcome contribution will help us brighten the days and boost the spirits of our recuperating service men and women.

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StateDateAssociation Amount
AK1/3/2018Women's Bowling LeagueSkagway Woman's League$393.00
AK1/30/2018Juneau USBC$418.00
AK3/27/2018Matanuska-Susitna Valley USBCMatanuska-Susitna Valley USBC$325.50
AK3/27/2018Valley Girls Wednesday BowlMatanuska-Susitna Valley$35.00
AL7/31/2018Alabama State USBCAlabama State USBC $8,904.68
AR3/6/2018Central Arkansas USBC WBACentral Arkansas USBC WBA $2,001.50
AZ8/15/2017Tuscon (AZ) Metro USBCSouthern Arizona VA HCS$836.95
AZ4/27/2018Metro Phoenix USBCMetro Phoenix USBC $30,174.00
AZ4/27/2018Brummitt, DennisMetro Phoenix USBC$200.00
AZ5/8/2018Butterflies Bowling LeagueButterflies Bowling League$108.11
AZ5/15/2018Kings & Queens Bowling LeagueKings & Queens Bowling League$125.00
AZ7/23/2018Mesa Metro Bowling AssociationMesa Metro Bowling Association $15,000.00
CA10/25/2017Rock & Roll Bowling League$100.00
CA1/16/2018Contractors Bowling LeagueNetwork for Good - Website$218.00
CA3/6/2018Ventura County USBC BAVentura County USBC BA $1,200.00
CA7/9/2018Hanford 500 ClubHanford 500 Club$300.00
CA7/24/2018Mother Lode USBCMother Lode USBC $1,256.00
CA7/31/2018Citrus Belt USBC $15,028.00
CA7/31/2018San Diego USBC $14,618.00
CA7/31/2018Orange County USBC $10,396.91
CA7/31/2018San Gabriel Valley USBC $8,085.00
CA7/31/2018Central Coast (CA) USBC $5,547.50
CA7/31/2018Modesto USBC $5,003.00
CA7/31/2018Golden Empire USBC $3,815.00
CA7/31/2018North County USBC $3,151.00
CA7/31/2018Merced County USBC $3,021.00
CA7/31/2018California State USBC $3,000.09
CA7/31/2018Oroville USBC $3,000.00
CA7/31/2018Marin County USBC $2,889.00
CA7/31/2018Santa Clara County USBC $2,338.50
CA7/31/2018Kings County USBC $2,225.00
CA7/31/2018Sierra Gold USBC $2,137.00
CA7/31/2018Monterey Peninsula USBC $2,100.00
CA7/31/2018Tulare County USBC $2,000.00
CA7/31/2018Central Solano USBC $1,900.00
CA7/31/2018Manteca USBC $1,700.00
CA7/31/2018Central Sonoma County USBC $1,474.00
CA7/31/2018Chico USBC $1,447.00
CA7/31/2018Bea Hoffman Memorial $1,395.00
CA7/31/2018Santa Barbara USBC $1,270.00
CA7/31/2018Central California USBC $1,200.00
CA7/31/2018Greater Sacramento USBC $1,000.00
CA7/31/2018Napa Sonoma USBC$977.00
CA7/31/2018Humboldt USBC$968.00
CA7/31/2018Porterville USBC$500.00
CA7/31/2018Red Bluff USBC$455.00
CA7/31/2018Tracy USBC WBA$442.00
CA7/31/2018CA Women's 500$187.00
CA7/31/2018Delta 500 Club$144.00
CO4/27/2018Fort Collins USBCFort Collins USBC$735.80
CO5/15/2018Ft Collins USBCFt Collins USBC $4,564.20
CO5/15/2018St. Vrain Valley Bowling Assoc.St. Vrain Valley Bowling Assoc. $2,907.79
CO6/15/2018Greater Pueblo USBCColette Amato - NFG$479.75
CO7/9/2018Eckert, SandyColorado State USBC Assoc.$230.00
CO7/9/2018Gallipolis MarciColorado State USBC Assoc. - Marci Gallipolis$20.00
CO7/31/2018Loveland/Estes Park BA$162.00
COColorado State USBC $1,000.00
CT12/14/2017Eastern Connecticut USBCEastern Connecticut USBC$824.00
CT7/31/2018New Haven County USBC Assn., Inc.New Haven County USBC Assn., Inc. $1,491.00
CT7/31/2018Connecticut State USBC$749.00
DE11/21/2017Lower Delaware USBC BA$100.00
FL11/21/2017Heracanes and Sunrisers$80.00
FL12/14/2017Suncoast USBCSuncoast USBC $3,046.42
FL1/18/2018First Coast USBC $1,000.00
FL2/26/2018Panama City USBCPanama City USBC $2,006.00
FL3/15/2018Gulf Coast USBCPatsy Wedding - Re-Creation - NFG$475.00
FL7/24/2018Greater Miami USBCGreater Miami USBC $2,515.75
FL7/31/2018Florida State Usbc Bowlilng Association, Inc. $25,000.00
FL7/31/2018Florida State Usbc Bowlilng Association, Inc. $5,000.00
FL7/31/2018Florida State USBC Youth Leaders $3,335.00
GA9/15/2017Recycled Teenagers League$400.00
GA9/15/2017Recycled Teenagers League$40.00
GA11/8/2017South Georgia USBC$779.50
GA1/16/2018Greater Rome USBC$224.20
GA5/23/2018Intra Mountain USBCYoung at Heart Bowling Lg$381.00
GA5/23/2018Intra Mountain USBCThursday Night Fun Mix$160.00
GA5/23/2018Intra Mountain USBCIntra Mountain USBC$51.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAGeorgia State USBC WBA $4,626.26
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAWest Georgia USBC $2,821.50
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAColumbus (GA) USBC $2,356.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAAlbany (GA) USBC$916.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBANortheast Georgia USBC WBA$750.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAGolden Isles$700.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBANortheast Georgia USBC WBA$500.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBANorth Georgia USBC WBA$250.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAGreater Savannah USBC$174.48
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBAHeart of Georgia USBC$150.00
GA6/25/2018Georgia State USBC WBASouth Georgia USBC$140.00
GA7/23/2018Sunset Women's LeagueSunset Women's League$50.26
GA7/30/2018Augusta [GA] USBC BAAugusta [GA] USBC BA $1,000.00
IA10/3/2017Muscatine USBC $1,363.00
IA12/14/2017Muscatine USBCMuscatine USBC$592.00
IA12/19/2017Iowa State USBC WBAIowa State USBC WBA - 2 Lane Kits $1,080.00
IA1/18/2018Boone County USBC$318.00
IA1/22/2018Thursday Morning Glories & Silver Assoc$105.00
IA4/10/2018Marshall County (IA) WBAMarshall County WBA$300.75
IA5/8/2018Dubuqueland USBC WBADubuqueland USBC WBA$250.00
IA5/15/2018Council Bluffs USBCCouncil Bluffs USBC$498.00
IA6/5/2018DeWitt USBC WBADeWitt USBC WBA$127.25
IA6/12/2018Iowa State USBC WBAIowa State BVL Tournament $10,000.00
IA6/12/2018Davenport- Metro USBC WBADavenport- Metro USBC WBA$700.00
IA6/25/2018Greater Cedar Valley USBCGreater Cedar Valley USBC $1,232.33
ID7/31/2018Ada County USBCAda County USBC $2,800.00
IL12/27/2017Chicagoland USBCChicagoland USBC $5,000.00
IL1/22/2018Belvidere USBCBelvidere USBC$608.00
IL3/20/2018Princeton (IL) USBC WBAPrinceton (IL) USBC WBA $2,447.75
IL4/27/2018Greater Aurora USBCGreater Aurora USBC $1,756.00
IL4/27/2018McHenry County USBCMcHenry County USBC $1,400.00
IL4/27/2018Effingham USBC WBAEffingham USBC WBA$100.00
IL4/27/2018McHenry County USBCMcHenry County USBC$86.00
IL4/27/2018McHenry County USBCMcHenry County USBC$53.00
IL5/15/2018Greater Carlyle BAGreater Carlyle Bowling Tournament $1,221.00
IL5/23/2018Good Fellowship LeagueMichael Henninen$25.00
IL6/25/2018Illinois State USBC WBACEFCU - Illinois State USBC WBA$283.00
IL7/2/2018Illinois State USBC WBAIllinois State USBC WBA $25,000.00
IL7/24/2018Clin-Clair USBC WBAClin-Clair USBC WBA$508.50
IL7/24/2018Clin-Clair USBC WBAClin-Clair USBC WBA$340.00
IL7/31/2018Pekin USBC WBANetwork for Good$380.00
IN10/19/2017Indiana State USBC WBA $1,326.36
IN12/27/2017Princeton (IN) USBC WBAPrinceton (IN) USBC WBA$80.00
IN1/18/2018Loganland USBC$540.00
IN4/27/2018Lakeshore (IN) USBCLakeshore (IN) USBC $1,640.00
IN4/27/2018Greater Calumet Area USBCGreater Calumet Area USBC$300.00
KS5/15/2018Kansas State USBC WBAKansas State USBC $3,000.00
KS6/25/2018Wy-Jon USBC WBAHonor - Leo Hickerson$345.00
KS7/9/2018Great Plains USBCGreat Plains USBC $1,972.32
KS7/31/2018Kansas State USBCKansas State USBC $10,133.97
KS7/31/2018Kansas State USBC WBAKansas State USBC WBA $2,203.39
KY7/9/2018Kentucky State USBC WBAKentucky State USBC WBA$750.00
LA6/12/2018Louisiana State USBC WBALouisiana State USBC WBA$986.00
MA12/27/2017Berkshire County USBC WBABerkshire County USBC WBA$756.00
MA12/27/2017Massachusetts USBC WBAMassachusetts USBC WBA$500.00
MA12/27/2017Massachusetts USBC WBAMassachusetts USBC WBA$75.00
MA12/27/2017Massachusetts USBC WBAMassachusetts USBC WBA$17.00
MA2/6/2018Merrimack Valley USBC WBAMerrimack Valley USBC WBA $2,100.00
MA4/3/2018Greater Boston USBCGreater Boston USBC $1,200.00
MA4/10/2018Greater Gardner USBCGreater Gardner USBC$100.00
MA6/25/2018Foxvale USBC WBAFoxvale USBC WBA $1,050.00
MA7/9/2018Greater Springfield USBC WBAGreater Springfield USBC WBA $2,160.00
MA7/24/2018Massachusetts USBC WBAMassachusetts USBC WBA $1,161.75
MA7/30/2018Merrimack Valley USBC WBAMerrimack Valley USBC WBA $1,500.00
MD11/14/2017Golden Oldies Bowling League$23.00
MD5/15/2018Kingpins LeagueDiane Andercyk$215.00
ME5/15/2018Strikettes Bowling LeagueStrikettes Bowling League$250.00
MI9/28/2017Greater Holland USBC$857.70
MI9/28/2017Remus USBC BA$50.00
MI10/26/2017Double View USBC WBA$146.25
MI10/31/2017Brentwood Ladies Bowling$65.00
MI11/21/2017Metro Detroit USBC$25.00
MI11/29/2017Three Rivers USBC$30.00
MI12/27/2017Nancy Lee DuffyMetro Detroit USBC$120.00
MI12/27/2017Friday Night Kings & QueensMetro Detroit USBC$50.00
MI12/27/2017Mason USBC YouthMason USBC Youth$17.65
MI1/3/2018BTI Mixed Sunday LeagueMetro Detroit USBC$101.00
MI1/9/2018Metro Detroit USBCMetro Detroit USBC $11,858.75
MI1/9/2018Niles Four Flags USBC AssociationNiles Four Flags USBC Associatio $1,000.00
MI1/16/2018Lansing (MI) USBCNetwork for Good - Website$100.00
MI1/18/2018Lapeer USBC$210.00
MI2/13/2018Arbor Valley USBCArbor Valley USBC$531.00
MI2/13/2018Bronson USBCBronson USBC$35.00
MI4/10/2018Western Wayne County USBC Assn.Western Wayne County USBC $1,500.00
MI4/10/2018Lapeer USBCGreater Lapeer USBC$250.00
MI4/17/2018Arbor Valley USBCArbor Valley USBC$378.50
MI4/27/2018Lansing (MI) USBCLansing (MI) USBC $10,500.00
MI4/27/2018Hastings USBCHastings USBC$500.00
MI5/15/2018Fletcher, MargaretUSBC Convention 2018 $4,183.00
MI5/15/2018Michigan State (MI) USBC WBAMartha Boron$185.00
MI5/23/2018Michigan State (MI) USBC WBAMichigan State (MI) USBC WBA $4,000.00
MI5/23/2018Metro Detroit USBCMetro Detroit USBC$104.00
MI5/30/2018Mt. Pleasant USBCMt. Pleasant USBC$800.00
MI6/5/2018Greater Holland USBCGreater Holland USBC $1,227.67
MI6/25/2018Michigan Senior Tournament ASCMichigan Senior Tournament ASC $1,468.54
MI7/23/2018Marshall (MI) WBAMarshall (MI) WBA $1,000.00
MI7/23/2018Vestaburg Edmore USBCVestaburg Edmore USBC$278.00
MI7/24/2018Michigan State USBC BAMichigan State USBC BA $3,614.00
MI7/30/2018Michigan State USBC WBA YouthMichigan State USBC WBA Youth $3,863.20
MI7/30/2018Michigan State (MI) USBC WBAMichigan State (MI) USBC WBA $3,779.83
MI7/31/2018Metro Detroit USBCMetro Detroit USBC$650.00
MI7/31/2018Lenawee USBC WBA$410.00
MN4/17/2018Texa-Tonka Handicap Bowling LeagueTexa-Tonka Handicap Bowling League$360.00
MN7/31/2018Minneapolis USBCMinneapolis USBC $20,200.00
MN7/31/2018Minnesota State USBCMinnesota State USBC $14,500.00
MN7/31/2018Incline Station Bowling LgsMN State USBC$338.00
MN7/31/2018Minneapolis USBCMinneapolis USBC$300.00
MN7/31/2018Dana D DallumMN State USBC$163.00
MN7/31/2018Mankato USBC BAMankato USBC BA$100.00
MN7/31/2018Duluth Church Bowling LgMN State USBC$10.00
MT11/14/2017Sojourners League-Fireside Lanes$39.00
MT11/14/2017Sojourners League-Fireside Lanes$25.00
MT1/9/2018Columbia Falls USBC WBAColumbia Falls USBC WBA$100.00
MT3/20/2018Harmonizers Bowling LeagueHarmonizers Bowling League$51.00
MT3/20/2018Carl & Kristi SirokyHarmonizers League$20.00
NC12/14/2017Onslow County USBCAOnslow County USBCA $2,400.00
NC12/14/2017Fayetteville USBCFayetteville USBC $2,005.25
NC4/3/2018Outer Banks USBCOuter Banks USBC$572.55
NC5/15/2018Tuesday Independence LeagueTuesday Independence League$512.00
NC5/15/2018Wednesday Morning Leadies LeagueAnn Trogdon$72.00
ND10/3/2017Fargo-Moorhead USBC BA $1,639.00
ND10/31/2017North Dakota State USBC WBA $5,000.00
ND12/14/2017Valley City USBC WBAValley City USBC WBA$258.00
ND12/27/2017Bismarck- Mandan USBC WBABismarck- Mandan USBC WBA$564.00
ND1/3/2018Harvey USBCHarvey USBC$324.00
ND1/30/2018Jamestown USBC Association$291.20
ND3/6/2018Bismarck- Mandan USBC WBABismarck- Mandan USBC WBA$561.00
ND3/20/2018Greater Grand Forks USBC WBAGreater Grand Forks USBC WBA$766.44
ND4/27/2018North Dakota State USBC WBANorth Dakota State USBC WBA$10.00
ND7/2/2018National 600 Bowling ClubNational 600 Bowling Club$115.00
ND7/31/2018North Dakota State USBC BA $4,000.00
NE11/29/2017Holdrege USBC$69.00
NE12/19/2017Greater Omaha Area USBCGreater Omaha Area USBC - Youth$53.05
NE5/1/2018Grand Island Cairo Area USBCGrand Island Cairo Area USBC$100.00
NE7/31/2018Kearney USBC WBA and BAKearney USBC WBA and BA $1,177.50
NH1/30/2018Southern New Hampshire USBC $2,089.00
NH5/8/2018New Hampshire USBCNew Hampshire USBC$377.00
NH5/23/2018Monday Women's Scratch LeagueMonday Women's Scratch League$50.00
NJ10/19/2017Morris County USBC$162.50
NJ11/21/2017Monmouth County USBC$190.00
NJ11/21/2017Monmouth County USBC$100.00
NJ1/16/2018Monmouth County USBCNetwork for Good - Website$95.00
NJ2/20/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$381.45
NJ3/20/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$724.00
NJ3/20/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$465.00
NJ3/20/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$375.00
NJ4/17/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC $3,912.00
NJ4/17/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC $1,261.45
NJ4/17/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$395.00
NJ6/5/2018Monmouth County USBCMonmouth County USBC$486.00
NJ7/30/2018Morris County USBCMorris County USBC $2,000.00
NJ7/31/2018Essex County Bowling CouncilEssex County Bowling Council $2,500.00
NJ7/31/2018Morris County USBCMorris County USBC $1,003.00
NM12/14/2017New Mexico USBCNew Mexico USBC $1,736.00
NM3/13/2018Lincoln County USBC (NM)Lincoln County USBC (NM)$100.00
NV4/3/2018Elko County USBC AssociationElko County USBC$100.00
NV6/25/2018Nevada State USBCNevada State USBC$312.00
NV7/9/2018Carson Country USBCCarson Country USBC $3,482.53
NV7/31/2018Southern Nevada USBC $1,739.00
NY11/29/2017Rochester USBC $5,600.00
NY12/14/2017Saturday Night MixersSaturday Night Mixers$135.00
NY1/30/2018Northern Adirondack USBC$272.00
NY2/6/2018Waterville USBCWaterville USBC$605.00
NY3/20/2018Terri SteinjanNiagara Falls USBC WBA$100.00
NY4/17/2018Anne BerentTuesday Night Alley Cats$30.00
NY5/8/2018Tri-County (NY) USBCTri-County (NY) USBC $1,628.00
NY5/8/2018Jeffery S ShermanTri-County NY USBC$75.00
NY7/2/2018Greater Buffalo USBCGreater Buffalo USBC $1,178.00
NY7/2/2018Greater Buffalo USBCGreater Buffalo USBC$500.00
NY7/24/2018New York State USBCNew York State USBC $2,000.00
NY7/24/2018New York City USBCNew York City USBC $1,450.00
NY7/30/2018Syracuse USBC WBASyracuse USBC WBA $1,500.00
OH8/24/2017Findlay (OH) USBC WBA$75.00
OH10/19/2017Ohio State USBC BA$250.00
OH11/29/2017North Central Ohio USBC$803.00
OH12/14/2017Goodyear Ladies' Trio LeagueGoodyear Ladies' Trio League$125.00
OH12/19/2017Stark County USBCStark County USBC $2,208.00
OH1/9/2018Massillon USBC WBAMassillon USBC WBA$750.00
OH2/26/2018Coldwater Women's USBC WBAColdwater Women's USBC WBA$100.00
OH3/6/2018St. Marys USBC WBASt. Marys USBC WBA$54.00
OH3/13/2018Dover-New Phila. USBC WBADover-New Phila. USBC WBA$880.00
OH3/20/2018Greater Toledo USBCGreater Toledo USBC - Twin Oaks Event $3,445.00
OH3/20/2018Southeastern Ohio USBCSoutheastern Ohio USBC $1,145.00
OH4/17/2018Coshocton USBC WBACoshocton USBC WBA$242.00
OH4/17/2018Chris KimakAshtabula WBA$50.00
OH5/1/2018Ladies Industrial LeagueLadies Industrial League$160.50
OH5/15/2018Bryan USBC WBABryan USBC WBA$870.00
OH7/2/2018Chillicothe USBC WBAChillicothe USBC WBA$510.00
OH7/23/2018Findlay (OH) USBC WBAFindlay (OH) USBC WBA$60.00
OH7/31/2018Central Ohio USBC $2,601.00
OR11/8/2017Emerald Valley USBC Association $1,852.05
OR7/9/2018Greater Portland USBC $5,804.82
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCWest Valley USBC $7,967.00
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCOregon State USBC $3,869.74
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCRouge Valley USBC $1,583.50
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCBay Area USBC$990.00
OR7/31/2018Reedsport USBC WBA/Reedsport Lanes$846.00
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCSt Helens USBC$482.93
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCUmatilla County USBC$208.00
OR7/31/2018Oregon State USBCGrants Pass USBC$200.00
PA10/31/2017Easton Area USBC WBA$100.00
PA2/13/2018Southeast PA USBCSoutheast PA USBC $1,275.10
PA4/27/2018Erie District USBCErie District USBC $1,100.00
PA4/27/2018Nicholson Ladies LeagueNicholson Ladies League$437.00
PA5/23/2018Pennsylvania State USBC WBAPennsylvania State USBC WBA $2,000.00
PA7/24/2018Pittsburgh USBC WBAPittsburgh USBC WBA $1,161.00
SC2/20/2018Gr. Charlotte USBCGr. Charlotte USBC $8,365.70
SC2/20/2018Gr. Charleston USBCGr. Charleston USBC$150.00
SD12/19/2017Aberdeen USBC WBAAberdeen USBC WBA$494.46
SD12/19/2017Huron USBCHuron USBC$494.30
SD1/18/2018Brookings USBCBrookings USBC$331.00
SD2/26/2018Missouri River USBCMissouri River USBC$460.00
SD3/6/2018Madison USBC/SDMadison USBC/SD$246.13
SD4/10/2018Clark USBC WBAClark USBC WBA$156.00
SD4/27/2018Sioux Falls Regional USBCSioux Falls Regional USBC $3,630.00
SD5/8/2018Watertown USBC WBAWatertown USBC WBA$305.81
SD6/5/2018Mitchell USBCMitchell USBC$165.00
SD7/2/2018Yankton USBCYankton USBC $1,577.50
SD7/24/2018Rapid City USBCRapid City USBC $1,012.76
SD7/24/2018South Dakota State USBCSouth Dakota State USBC$815.00
TN8/24/2017Chattanooga Area (TN) USBC $1,561.07
TN8/31/2017Tennessee State (TN) USBC WBA $3,466.35
TN11/21/2017Alcoa Maryville USBC$50.00
TN12/19/2017Southeast Bowling AssociationSoutheast Bowling Association $3,110.00
TN1/30/2018Memphis Area USBC$977.00
TN3/20/2018Murfreesboro USBCMurfreesboro USBC$231.00
TN4/10/2018Smokey Mountain USBC AssociationSmokey Mountain USBC $2,800.00
TN6/25/2018Clarksville Ft. Campbell USBC WBAClarksville Ft. Campbell USBC WBA$150.00
TN7/24/2018Tullahoma Area USBCTullahoma Area USBC$506.00
TN7/31/2018Tennessee State (TN) USBC $3,931.50
TN7/31/2018East Tenness Lakeway USBCEast Tenness Lakeway USBC $1,227.00
TX12/19/2017Greater Wichita Falls USBCGreater Wichita Falls USBC $2,312.00
TX1/18/2018Texas State USBCTexas State USBC $14,085.00
TX1/30/2018Greater Abilene USBC $1,400.00
TX3/6/2018Greater Austin Area USBCGreater Austin Area USBC $5,902.00
TX3/13/2018Nutty 500 ClubDenton County USBC $1,554.00
TX5/8/2018Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBCGreater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC$605.75
TX5/15/2018Greater Tyler USBCGreater Tyler USBC $1,700.00
TX5/30/2018Brazos Valley USBCBrazos Valley USBC $2,631.50
TX7/23/2018Greater Waco USBCGreater Waco USBC $2,282.00
TX7/23/2018Odessa USBCOdessa USBC$359.45
TX7/31/2018Greater Houston USBC $12,497.00
TX7/31/2018North Central Texas USBC $1,316.50
TX7/31/2018Southeast Texas USBCSoutheast Texas USBC$268.50
UT4/3/2018Anna Marie GreenGreater Salt Lake BA$130.00
UT4/3/2018Tricia K MurieGreat Salt Lake BA$20.00
UT4/17/2018Joy HadleyGreater Salt Lake City BA$15.00
UT4/17/2018Mary P HepworthGreater Salt Lake City BA$10.00
UT7/23/2018Great Salt Lake Bowling AssociationGreat Salt Lake Bowling Association $6,646.40
VA11/21/2017Virginia State 600 Club$100.00
VA12/5/2017Monday Morning Church LeagueMonday Morning Church League$124.50
VA2/20/2018Charlottesville-Albemarle USBC WBACharlottesville-Albemarle USBC WBA$186.00
VA4/3/2018Southern Piedmont USBCSouthern Piedmont USBC$616.00
VA5/30/2018Tidewater Virginia USBCThursday Morning Scratch Trios$307.70
VA6/12/2018Judith A EdardsVirginia State USBC $2,500.00
VA6/25/2018Greater Richmond USBC WBA/BAGreater Richmond USBC WBA/BA $5,000.00
VA7/2/2018Nation's Capital Area USBCNation's Capital Area USBC $15,700.00
VA7/9/2018Appomattox River USBCAppomattox River USBC $3,200.00
VA7/23/2018Virginia Peninsula USBCVirginia Peninsula USBC $4,048.00
VA7/30/2018Virginia State USBCVirginia State USBC $9,017.03
VA7/30/2018Lynchburg Area USBCLynchburg Area USBC $1,000.00
VA7/31/2018Greater Fredericksburg USBCGreater Fredericksburg USBC $1,038.89
WA4/27/2018Spokane County USBCSpokane County USBC $2,542.81
WA7/23/2018South Sound USBCSouth Sound USBC $2,338.66
WA7/24/2018Washington State USBCWashington State $3,094.00
WA7/24/2018Washington State USBCThurston County USBC$579.00
WA7/31/2018Cowlitz USBC$571.00
WA7/31/2018Skagit Valley USBCSkagit Valley USBC$140.75
WI11/29/2017Milwaukee USBC WBA$580.00
WI3/20/2018Fond Du Lac WBAFond Du Lac WBA$500.00
WI4/10/2018South Central Wisconsin USBCSouth Central Wisconsin USBC$631.00
WI4/10/2018South Central Wisconsin USBCSouth Central Wisconsin USBC$228.00
WI4/17/2018Rice Lake Bowling AssociationRice Lake Bowling Association$200.00
WI4/27/2018Plaza Ladies DoublesPlaza Ladies Doubles$25.00
WI5/1/2018Beaver Dam USBC WBABeaver Dam USBC WBA$150.49
WI5/15/2018Jefferson County USBC WBAJefferson County USBC WBA$120.00
WI7/9/2018Wisconsin State USBC/BAWisconsin State USBC/BA $2,500.00
WI7/13/2018Wisconsin State USBC WBAWisconsin State USBC WBA - Pat Tebon $1,900.00
WI7/30/2018Greater Milwaukee USBC BAGreater Milwaukee USBC BA$947.00
WY4/27/2018High Low Tournament ClubHigh Low Tournament Club$157.00

Center Contributions

NYMaple Family Centers (NY)$51,012.00
FLBowland/HeadPinz Centers$31,000.00
ILDon Carter Lanes$25,752.00
TXMel's Lone Star Lanes$15,100.00
VALeslie Goldberg/Bowl America$10,000.00
VTDick Corley/Spare Time$10,000.00
CACloverleaf Family Bowl$5,127.00
MDWally Hall/Hall Investments$5,000.00
TXJamie Brooks$5,000.00
NJRichard Mark/Rockaway Lanes$4,750.00
NJJohn Fatigati/Jersey Lanes$4,250.00
NCFoxfire Lanes$4,236.31
NJFinnegan's Lanes, LLC$3,639.00
CAFountain Bowl$3,600.00
INRoyal Pin Leisure Centers$3,360.00
WIBardon Bowling Centers$3,000.00
MDSeverna Park Lanes$2,886.00
NJHowell Lanes & Johnny Petraglia$2,800.00
COSummit Entertainment North$2,709.26
WAChalet Bowl$2,707.00
IAWarrior Lanes$2,100.85
TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$2,081.95
CAEarl Anthony's Dublin Bowl$2,000.00
OHPoelking Bowling Centers$2,000.00
INCrazy Pinz II$1,900.00
MIAirway Lanes$1,886.50
NCBuffalo Lanes North$1,857.00
TXTime to Spare$1,764.00
PAThunderbird Lanes - Warminster$1,591.01
PAThunderbird Lanes NE Philadelphia$1,531.02
KYKen Bowl$1,500.00
TXTexas Bowling Center Association$1,465.00
MDGreenway Bowl$1,264.50
OHBPA of Greater Dayton$1,253.00
KSJOMA Bowling Company$1,113.03
INCrazy Pinz$1,076.83
ILTangerine Bowl$1,012.40
PAColony Park Lanes East$1,001.00
AZStarlite Lanes$1,000.00
COSummit InterQuest$1,000.00
FLOrange Bowl Lanes$1,000.00
FLSarasota Lanes$1,000.00
KSKC Bowl$1,000.00
NCB & B Bowling Lanes (NC)$1,000.00
PAStrike Zone Alleys$856.00
OHFrontier Lanes$841.50
PACHB Sports$837.00
OHStrike & Spare Lanes$809.00
ILFox Bowl$800.00
KYSuper Bowl - Erlanger$737.75
COBowlero Lanes & Lounge$690.00
NYClassic Lanes$623.50
CANarrows Plaza Bowl$600.00
GABowl Serve/Bill Kratzenberg$600.00
PAPalmyra Bowling$594.00
MOThe Fast Lane$565.22
OHDynasty Lanes$560.00
MICommunity Bowling Centers$509.96
CABel Mateo Bowl$500.00
ILStardust Bowl$500.00
INLucky Strikes Lanes$500.00
NCRainbow Lanes$500.00
NYLockport Lanes$500.00
OHAl-Mar Lanes$500.00
NCNorthside Lanes$486.00
MANorth Bowl (MA)$473.00
MDAnnapolis Bowl$463.09
TX300 Bowl$425.00
MIVista Lanes$417.00
PAJay Lanes$403.00
TXFiesta Lanes$329.00
LACreole Lanes$305.00
MIGrand Blanc Lanes$300.00
MIGalaxy Lanes$300.00
NYLaurel Lanes$300.00
PAHanover Bowling Centre$300.00
WIKing Pin Lanes$300.00
TNThunder Alley$275.00
KSMission Bowl$267.00
PATown & Country Lanes PA$265.19
MNMedina Recreations Inc$256.00
NCLumberton Bowling Center$252.00
MAAgawam Bowl$250.00
NJParkway Lanes, LLC$250.00
MIBowlero Lanes & Lounge$217.00
NYRoseland Bowl$210.00
WAPacific Lanes$210.00
ILPlaza Lanes$200.00
PADutch Lanes$200.00
SDChamberlain Bowling Dome$200.00
CAWinnentka Bowl$187.00
NYAstoria Bowl$182.00
IAPlaza Lanes Pleasant Hill$147.16
NCCountry Bowling Lanes$140.00
PATerrace Lanes Bowling Center$131.00
MIBowling Centers of Michigan$125.00
CAZodo's Bowling & Beyond$120.00
TNTullahoma Lanes$120.00
WIStrike Time Lanes$107.87
IAPlaza Lanes, Inc.$106.00
FLSaint Lucie Lanes$100.00
INThe Bowling Alley$100.00
KSCrown Lanes$100.00
NEKing Pin Lanes (NE)$100.00
NCCountryside Lanes$90.00
MDThunderhead Bowl and Grill$87.00
WARoxbury Lanes & Casino$83.00
GAMiracles Cosmic Bowling (GA)$80.00
KSSpare Tyme Bowl$71.00
WAEastmont Lanes$68.00
INArrowhead Bowl$65.00
WIAnchor Lanes$57.00
PASuburban Bowlerama$56.00
PAColony Park Lanes East$55.95
MOEldon Lanes$46.00
NERavenna Sports Bowl$45.00
TXTomball Bowl$45.00
VABowl America$45.00
FLBeach Bowl$30.00
PASims Bowling Lanes$30.00
WVSouth Branch Potomac Lanes$27.15
WVSouth Branch Potomac Lanes$15.56


Kegel LLC$5,000.00
Ace Mitchell$4,270.00
International Bowling Industry Mag$2,025.00
Brunswick Bowling$2,000.00
ZLED Lighting$1,894.85
Turbo Grips$1,640.00
Storm Products, Inc.$1,003.63
American Legion (NJ) Post 504$360.00
Billiard & Bowling Institute (BBI)$241.27
Wisconsin Women Bowling Writers$100.00
Jayhawk Bowling$100.00
Illis Insurance Agency$50.00

Personal contributions

Terrance Boyle$20,000.00
Ladine Jones$4,721.60
PBA Pros (IL)$2,850.00
Chad Murphy$1,000.00
Bob & Linda Daman$925.00
Paul Ehresmann$525.00
Marvelous Mark$500.00
Karl Kielich$430.00
Ruth Macklin$400.00
Gary Shultis$200.00
Bill O'Neill$151.25
Rhino Page$151.25
Margaret E Porfido$125.00
Masters, Mates & Pilots$125.00
Dennis Arend$100.00
Darlene Baker$100.00
Patti Bryans$100.00
Kenneth Burger$100.00
Christopher Chartrand$100.00
Andy Varipapa$100.00
John Hardman$100.00
Amazon Smile Foundation$51.86
Elizabeth Popowsky$50.00
Aubrey Pereira$50.00
John & Norma Cunningham$40.00
United Way (SE) Idaho$34.49
Paula Perry$25.00
William Grabarek$25.00
William Kowalski$25.00
Irene Smith$25.00
Patricia Clayton$15.00

Honor Contributions

Barney Eagan
Carl Musgrove
Jane Ryefield
June Francoisi
William Calbo
Richard Erpenback
Wes Gibson
Richard Pitsch
Ed Nowak
Chester Kaczor
Dan DePaul
John Fauth
Fred Kaplowitz
John LaSpina
Wally Hall
Libbi Fletcher
Glenn Carano
Karl Kielich
Karen Jost
Darlene Gulick
Opal Fox
Sid Golding
Allen Weisbert
Rick Iceberg
George Smith
Ben Jones
Oscar White
H. O. White
John F. McBride
Marilyn Wisman
Judith A Didur
Dennis L Jansen
Michigan State USBC WBA
Jim Johnson
Jane Ryefield
New Jersey State Women's 600 Club
Master Sargent Wayne Black
W. Fred Thomas
Elsie DeJonghe
Christine Wallace
Billie Gresham
Margaretha Guertin
Virginia Manning
Rod LaFonteine
Ned Squier
Robert Figgers Sr.
Louis Kovacs
Bob Ziesig
Bob Spieg
Michael Contini
Paula Peery
Robert Waegenaere
Tighe Taylor
Elsie Ruth Mitchell
Elsie Mitchell
Chuck Nelums