Sharon Vandersypen: Keeping BVL Strong in Louisiana

Combine kindness, compassion and boundless energy and it spells V A N D E R S Y P E N. Sharon is a force of energy behind Louisiana’s very successful BVL campaign, explains Louisiana State USBC WBA Association Manager Susie Brown.

The focus of Sharon’s effort is an annual No Tap Tournament held in November, which attracts bowlers from all over the state. Her goal is to always beat last year’s entry. Sharon works hard to make the tournament a fun event as well as a benefit tournament for veterans. Last year, Sharon and her husband, Henry, and friend Frank Melder even made a free BBQ dinner for all 120 bowlers. Sharon got some donations of food, but all other food expenses were paid for by Sharon and her husband.

Sharon’s work begins after July 4th when she scours area retailers for patriotic items on sale, which she gives away as door prizes. She also contacts local restaurants and businesses and seeks the donation of items or gift certificates to raffle off. She does most of this on her own.

Next for Sharon is marketing: She sends entries to the bowling centers throughout the state.

Then, she sells raffle tickets and conducts 50-50 drawings. Tickets are sold at the Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club parking lots.

At the tournament, Sharon holds drawings during the tournament for door prizes.   They’re always sure to recognize all veterans participating in the tournament. The result is an outstanding success which nets more than $5,000 for BVL.

But Sharon doesn’t stop at the tournament: She has sold candy in front of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club many weekends with little help. She has football pools she runs with the proceeds going to the veterans. She goes to leagues and does the 50-50 (split the pot) sales.

Concludes Brown, “Sharon is always doing something good for someone and her husband is right alongside her. We need more people like Sharon and her husband.”

Adds BVL Board Chair John LaSpina, “Imagine if we had 49 more Sharons in the rest of the States – I agree with Susie – we do need more people like Sharon and Henry! Our thanks to them for making brighter days for the veterans we serve.”








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