Creativity Energizes Minot Campaign

With just over 900 members, the Minot, ND USBC contribution to BVL has traditionally been a few hundred dollars.

Things changed when Peggy Headrick took over leading the BVL charge.

Peggy, the North Dakota Americanism Chairman for the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, is no stranger for stepping up for the troops.

When Peggy inherited the BVL campaign, she knew she wanted to do something different.  So, she took a few hours to create striking visual display of paper bowling pins and balls to form an American flag.  Then, she headed to the bowling center every night for a week and solicited donations.  Each contributor was asked to write their name or a quote on the paper bowling pins and bowling balls.

“Our bowlers loved the idea of prominently supporting the BVL campaign,” explains Peggy.  “We have an Air Force base here in town, and our community truly understands the service and sacrifice of our military.  They’re happy to show their support for our veterans.”

The clever BVL bowling flags are prominently displayed at the bowling center for all to see.  It’s created quite a conversation piece.

Most importantly, in just one week’s time, Peggy was able to collect a total of $1,337.00 for BVL.

Comments BVL Board Chair John LaSpina, “Peggy’s campaign is a great story to share with all our volunteers:  You don’t have to be the biggest association or develop a complicated multi-tiered campaign to be a success.  Peggy’s clever approach and energy has hit a home run for BVL and our nation’s veterans who will long reap the rewards of her efforts.  On behalf of BVL and all the veterans we serve; thank you Peggy!”













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