BVL Tribute Planned for USBC Convention

Delegates and guests attending the upcoming USBC convention in Omaha are being encouraged to submit a photo of the veteran or active duty service man or women in their life that cements their support for BVL and its mission to Brighten Veterans’ Lives.

“Each of us has someone in our lives – a family member, friend, or teammate – who has taken the oath of service for our country and agreed to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom,” explains BVL Board Chair John LaSpina.  “We, at BVL, never want to forget their role.”

LaSpina continues, “This year, as we join together in Omaha, we want to take some time to give a tribute to those people who each of us honors when we volunteer for our local BVL campaigns…We want to put a name and a face to why we support BVL.”

The tribute will be part of the BVL presentation to the delegates on Wednesday afternoon, April 29.

The tribute can also be viewed on YouTube at




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