NJ Women’s 600 Club Honors Members

The New Jersey State Women’s 600 Club (NJSW 600 Club) has created a unique concept to honor their members who are being inducted into the New Jersey State USBC WBA Hall of Fame by giving a contribution in the name of the inductee to BVL.

Noted Pam McKay, President of the NJSW 600 Club and also President of the National 600 Bowling Club, “When I sent around an email to our Board floating the idea, the response was 100% approval.”

Pam, a veteran herself, explains that she is always looking for ways to support BVL, “Words cannot express how happy I am that we can do this for our service men and women.  I’m proud to help in any little way I can.”

Their first inductee honored in this way was Carol Chadwick, Treasurer, NJSW 600 Club, a Director on the Morris County and NJSW USBC WBA, a lifelong bowler, and former junior coach.

Pam wants to take this concept further, stating, “I will definitely bring this idea up to my National 600 Club board and members at our upcoming meeting in Las Vegas – I want to encourage other 600 clubs to help support BVL.”

“On behalf of the BVL Board and the veterans we serve, I sincerely want to thank Pam and her Board for starting this great program,” says BVL Chairman John LaSpina.  “At BVL, we make every dollar count—the NJSW 600 Club should be assured that their contribution will help bring smiles and fun to our hospitalized veterans.  Our thanks for their help in Brightening Veterans’ Lives.”


(Pictured above are Pam McKay (l) and Carol Chadwick (r).)



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