Six Easy Ways to Support BVL in Your Center

CAN1. Order the “Can” from BVL and ask your customers to throw in their loose change. Or, use it to do a “round up” program.


2. Rental Shoe Income: Donate your first pair of rental shoe  income every day to BVL.  This simple option could generate as much as $500





  1. Soldier Pin Cutouts: Print “soldier pins” on blue, red, and white paper and cut out forms.  Have contributors sign their name on pins (e.g.—Blue for $20 contribution, Red for $10 contributions and White for $1 contribution) and post throughout the center.Pin art ribbon CMYK


  1. “Heroes in Our Midst” display: Create a display to recognize bowlers, bowling center staff, area leaders, or community members who are serving or have served in the military. Make regular in-center announcements, asking customers for the names and photos of individuals they would like to honor through a contribution to BVL.  Post the honors and photos.

5. Open play program: Use the quarter mania or dollar mania concept and donate a percentage of the customer’s “entry fee.”  For example, charge a $5 entry fee and donate a percentage to BVL.


6. BVL Merchandise:

  • Ask for a donation for BVL’s “Support Our Troops” silicone wristbands ($50 for 100 wristbands).green camo wristband 2




PR and Marketing Bonus:  Use BVL to Reach Out to Your Community

  • Have contributors to your BVL campaign complete a form including their name, address or email address for a chance to win free bowling (and an opportunity for you to create a new database).
  • Promote your support for BVL and America’s veterans and drive traffic into your center on a flier or email; your Facebook page and website; and a press release. Notify your area Chamber of Commerce and local news outlets to communicate the good work being done by your center.
  • Contact area military and veterans associations (American Legion, VFW, etc.) to invite them to your center for a special event to support BVL.
  • Consider tying your BVL campaign to a military themed day: November for Veterans Day;  July 4; Flag Day; Holiday Season; Armed Forces Day, etc.




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