“March for BVL” Fundraising Concept Launched

March for BVL BVL is introducing a new campaign to help raise additional funds for America’s veterans.  Although it can be implemented any time of year, “March for BVL” is especially appropriate for the third month on the calendar.

Just in time for many state and local tournaments, the campaign can be as simple as “marching” down the lanes to accept donations for BVL, or could be extended to coordinating a community wide “march.”

Other possible programming ideas include:

*  Collecting donations in an army-style boot

*  Organizing a walk-a-thon or march-a-thon with a salute to area veterans

*  Asking veterans in the community to march into the bowling center to kick off a tournament

*  Printing artwork onto label-backed paper and applying it to a collection can or box

*  Recognizing $1, $5, $10 individual donations using “Pin Art” printed on white, red, and blue paper writing the donors name on the “pin” and posting it at the control desk or on a bulletin board

” ‘March for BVL’ is an opportunity for our supporters to get creative,” notes BVL Board Chair John LaSpina.  “We’re encouraging folks to take this program in many different directions — and, then, share photos from your effort on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/BowlerstoVeteransLink.  We are looking forward to seeing the results!”

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March for BVL v.1

March for BVL v.2

March for BVL Boot

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