13-14 Campaign Leaders Based on Membership Announced

The data has been tallied and the numbers have been crunched:  BVL is proud to recognize those exceptionally hard-working state and local associations in BVL fiscal year 13-14 which went above and beyond to make sure America’s veterans receive the quality of life arts and recreation programs they so richly deserve.

“While we certainly appreciate every single dollar that allows us to deliver our recreation therapy programs,” notes BVL Chair John LaSpina, “we especially want to thank those associations that work hard to create BVL donations while exceeding expectations based on their membership rosters.”

The State of Georgia took the top honors for the 13-14 season, leading the way with total contributions of $1.48 per member and with three local associations in the top five local association donations.

State Association Manager Linda Gunnin explains, “Our state board and our local associations really believe in the BVL mission.  We know that by providing the “extras” — like sports, music and the arts — we can help really make a difference in the lives of our hospitalized veterans.  Providing a spark to get them engaged and keep them involved can truly be life changing.  We want to do our part to make that happen.”

The top five state and local associations will receive a plaque to recognize their efforts at the upcoming USBC convention in Omaha.

Concludes LaSpina, “You don’t have to be the biggest association or conduct the most sophisticated campaign to receive our sincere thanks; we want everyone to know that the hard work being done for BVL by so many local and state associations will not go unnoticed.”

Local Associations

South Georgia (GA) USBC                             $10.38

Columbus (GA) USBC WBA                             $9.90

Morristown (TN) USBC WBA                          $9.09

Reedsport (OR) USBC WBA                            $8.77

Northeast Georgia (GA) USBC WBA           $7.95

Vallejo (CA) USBC WBA                                     $7.69

Bryan (OH) USBC WBA                                        $7.03

Ventura County (CA) USBC WBA                  $5.48

Gr. Bennington (VT) USBC WBA                    $5.34

Yankton (SD) USBC                                                 $5.05



Georgia                                           $1.48

California                                       $1.22

Virginia                                           $1.15

Alaska                                              $1.09

South Dakota                                $0.95

Kansas                                               $0.93

Massachusetts                              $0.86

Oregon                                              $0.84

New Hampshire                            $0.81

Colorado                                           $0.78