Contributions Up for 15-16 Season

Thanks to the continued support from bowling associations and bowling centers, BVL contributions for the most recent fiscal year rose more than $16,000 from 2015 to $925,356.76 for the season ending July 31, 2016.

“We received contributions from more than 350 state and local associations and leagues last year and almost 40 different bowling center operators,” noted BVL Board of Directors Chair John LaSpina.  “We cannot thank these wonderful groups enough for their continued generosity – they are the backbone of our organization.”

In addition to the donations from leagues, associations, and bowling centers, BVL received contributions from a wide range of other bowling-related fundraising efforts including the auction of a Kegel lane machine resulting in a donation of almost $14,500. Bowl America President Leslie Goldberg Charity Foundation gifted $10,000 and friends of International Bowlers Journal Senior Editor, Bob Johnson, and his new wife, Michelle, raised $5,000 in honor of Michelle’s father, Vietnam Vet Fred Garcia, at their recent nuptials.  Corporate donations for the season are at: personal or “other” donations are at:

“What’s most exciting for us is the passion our volunteers have for America’s military men and women,” continued LaSpina.  “Moreover, we feel as though that spark is really catching on fire now… We have many bowling centers newly signed up to support BVL, and we believe our numbers will skyrocket for the 16-17 season.  We already have close to 200 operators that have agreed to participate in our new “Care. Commit. Contribute.” campaign for centers. This could have a profound impact on our programs to support our veterans.”  For a list of contributing bowling centers in the 15-16 season visit:

At the same time, BVL leaders are asking all associations to renew their promise to support bowling’s own, oldest, and most successful charity.  BVL is asking every association to start the season by appointing a BVL committee and drawing up plans for a fundraising event.  “We want every association to join with us.  Imagine what we could achieve if just 100 more associations agreed to help our hospitalized veterans,” noted LaSpina.  Contributing associations in 15-16 can be found at:

The need for backing America’s veterans was recently illustrated in a national survey which found that, while the support required by more than 21 million veterans in America is growing, philanthropic support is fragmented and charitable contributions are not keeping pace. The total number of veteran nonprofits peaked in 2011 and has been slowly and continually declining over the last four years.  The study notes:  If measured only in terms of media coverage and Veterans Affairs funding, there has been an apparent groundswell of support for veterans’ causes in the last decade. But that groundswell apparently never translated into philanthropy. Overall funding for veteran nonprofits has remained relatively flat, rising only from $8.3 billion to $8.9 billion since 2001 to keep up with inflation. So while demand for services has been spiking, funding outside of the VA does not appear to be keeping up.

LaSpina concludes, “BVL and the sport of bowling made our promise to our nation’s veterans in 1942:  ‘We will not forget your sacrifice.’  We have work to do to meet the needs of those that sacrificed for us.  Let’s join together and make 16-17 the best ever for BVL.  Get started by reaching us at and order your free fundraising kit today.”