The BVL Experience: “In My Own Words”

Roberta M. — Fort Collins USBC

“Last November “Re-Creation” was in Denver, Colorado.  I decided to make the 60 mile drive to go to the afternoon performance at the VA Hospital.  I was very surprised when the program started that I was the only visitor and there were not that many in attendance as the show was about to begin.

Then, something magical happened.  The show began and slowly came a procession of patients and staff coming down the hallway once they heard the music.  As the show progressed more and more arrived until the room was full of smiling faces remembering a much happier time in their lives.  You could see many of them moving with the music.

Another touching moment was when the group sang the various service songs and went out in the audience to greet each veteran when their song was being sung and thanking them for their service.  I had tears in my eyes as you could see how proud they were and grateful for the recognition.

 Jon w vet






When the show was over many veterans didn’t want to leave the room, and the cast members stayed and signed autographs and talked to each and every one.  It turned out to be one of the most rewarding days in my life. 

Thank you BVL for support of “Re-Creation” and all the joy they bring to veterans through their concerts.”