Take the Pledge! Bowling Centers Across the Country Are Stepping Up to “Raise Their Hands for BVL”

Brightening Veterans Lives – Bowling’s Number One Charity

Can We Count On You?

The newest campaign, “Raise Your Hand for BVL” – Brightening Veterans Lives – is seeking your help and support to fund bowling’s own, oldest and most successful charity.

Bowling proprietors are stepping up to support BVL: with a minimum pledge of $1,000 from their center.


We will give you ways to raise this money that will be easy to implement and simple to do. From POS materials to open play ideas to “pass the hat” promotions to tournament programs, you will have all the materials you need, at no cost to you, to easily meet the pledge goal.

Since 1942, BVL has been providing recreation therapy programs, designed to maintain or improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well as reduce depression, stress, and anxiety of our nation’s combat veterans.

To that end, BVL dollars have funded the purchase and use of sports equipment, arts and crafts supplies, pet therapy activities, games, dance, drama, music and community outings at VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers and State Homes around the nation.

Best of all, you’ll feel good. Your customers and community will view you more positively and you will be helping to rehabilitate these veterans who have given so much to the cause of freedom.

Unlike similar charities which may spend in excess of 50% in administrative costs, BVL spends less than 6% of all monies raised for administrative expenses, so the overwhelming majority of monies collected goes to those that matter the most; the heroic veterans in VA hospitals.

Won’t you help by signing this pledge sheet today and emailing it back to me?

Thank you, in advance, for your support of BVL – Brightening Veterans Lives


John LaSpina, Chairman,

BVL Board of Directors

Make the Pledge!

  • I pledge to raise my hand for BVL - Brightening Veterans' Lives - and will make sure my center raises at least $1,000 in the next twelve months.